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Claude Humphrey passes away at age 77 (1 Viewer)


I have some sad news for longtime Falcons and Eagles fans: one of the greatest defensive ends in the history of pro football, Hall of Famer Claude Humphrey, passed away last night at the age of 77.  He played 13 seasons.  He had 130 career sacks, even though sacks didn't become an official stat until 1982.  He recorded 2 safeties.  He was selected All-NFL 5 times.  He made 6 Pro Bowls.  He was elected to the Hall of Fame in 2014 as a senior nominee.  If anyone has any memories that they'd like to share of Claude Humphrey, please feel free to share.



Arguably the best player in Falcons history(its either him or Julio in my opinion) he was on his way to a Strahan level career before his knee injury, that many thought would be career ending. He wasn't quite the same player when he came back, but was still a quality starter. He's on my Mt. Rushmore of 1970's DE's. 



Sad to hear. I remember when he came to the #### Vermeil led Eagles. Helped push the defense to a SB caliber level. 

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If he had been on a team like the Cowboys or Steelers he would have much more of a household name...great player who often gets forgotten because he did it under the radar.


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