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***Cleveland (7-7) at Green Bay (11-3)*** (-7) O/U 46.5 Merry Christmas!!! (1 Viewer)

Ministry of Pain

The tea leaves are telling me UPSET SPECIAL today and I love the Browns coming in here licking their wounds, did they even get a day off this week?...Tuesday game and then the NFL couldn't push this game back to make it a MNF Double Header and give Cleveland a chance to come back after Christmas but NO!!! and you know what?...these are the Daggum Browns a storied franchise in the NFL going back to the Dark Ages and they get treated like red haded step children, well today the Island of Misfit Toys Strikes Back!

Cleveland 24...Green Bay 21 in a Christmas Spectacular that will leave you highly entertained


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I want to think Browns overcome the odds and pull out the improbable Christmas miracle but the Packers are rolling and have the #1 seed in their sights. I can't see them letting up at home. Add in the short short week for Cleveland and I see it...

Packers 27 Browns 16

Put me in the camp that would love to see The Browns pull an upset and take down Diva Rogers and The Pack. Baker back helps and I think The Browns will come out teed off and play hard,but the short week,lack of practice for the guys coming back and playing on the road will eventually tale it's toll. Pack will cover but the game will be closer than the final score indicates,so.....

                                     Green Bay- 27

                                     Cleveland- 17

Merry Christmas all. 

Browns are an intriguing upset choice, but I am not sure they quite have the firepower to keep up with or slow down Rodgers. 

Baltimore/Cinci ensures that it either looks like this...

Cinci 9-6

Baltimore 8-7

Cleveland 8-7

Pittsburgh 7-7-1


Baltimore 9-6

Cleveland 8-7

Cincinnati 8-7

Pittsburgh 7-7-1 

This is why i think Cleveland will come out hair on fire today on Christmas and be ready for war because if they lose today they are pretty much DONE in the AFC Playoff race and yu can argue how badly they were jobbed in the last week with Covid depending on your POV. 

-The Browns are like a cornered animal today, I expect them to bite down hard. 

Minister of Defense, you might want to change that line (thread title), it's moved to 7 1/2 now.  That's a big hook, if you know what I'm saying, big guy.

Myself, I'm now tempted to go with the Browns.  Yeah, I said it.  The Cleveland Browns on XMAS! 

I could end up being passed out on the couch with egg nog all over me.  ####.

Please help.

Pretty tough sledding for the Browns to upend Rodgers in Lambeau, but stranger things have happened.

Early returns looking good for Cleveland. Game script not going to change for Green Bay but could mean they pass more often early in the football game

Packers won't go for it vs TB needing a TD to get the Super Bowl late but they will go for it deep in their territory in a Week 16 football game 1st Q...OK where are the data analytics on that?

Mayfield looks majorly calm and the weather certainly isn't a major issue for the visiting team today. 

1st down he drops back and Punts the ball away to Green Bay 


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