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Cleveland at Cincinnati (1 Viewer)

Campbell you suck huge donkey #####. Hey #######, they can't catch it if you throw it out of the endzone.


Not a shot in hell he 'completed the process' if they're ruling it consistently.

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How the heck does AJ Green have 7yds receiving? I know Haden is good but really??? Meanwhile my opponent has Megatron going off.

.Haden has two picks while covering AJ and returned one for a TD.

The Bengal coaches seemed to realize throwing to AJ will ge them burned so they are not even dialing his number up any longer. Sanu is the go-to guy right now.


Cambell had better throw some deep balls and not continuously check-down.

Vontaze is a STUD. Been a tackling machine all year. Now he's got a "big play" TD to give him that big game every stud needs to win you a game on the D side. I love this guy.


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