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Climate rewind: Scientists turn carbon dioxide back into coal (1 Viewer)


Sorry if posted already did a search for "coal" didnt see it posted. 


I know these kinds of miracle studies pop up often and then we just never hear about it again, but I at least felt it was interesting and hopefully something can actually come from it. 

Scientists have harnessed liquid metals to turn carbon dioxide back into solid coal, in research that offers an alternative pathway for safely and permanently removing the greenhouse gas from our atmosphere. The new technique can convert carbon dioxide back into carbon at room temperature, a process that's efficient and scalable. A side benefit is that the carbon can hold electrical charge, becoming a supercapacitor, so it could potentially be used as a component in future vehicles.



turning carbon dioxide back into coal and burying it back in the ground is a bit like rewinding the emissions clock,
Ooh! Then we could mine it again and burn it again - the coal-mining industry rejoices.



This could totally kill my heroin addict/homeless person alternative fuel million dollar idea.

Thanks a lot, Trump!  :angry:


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