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Closed $100 Auction League (1 Viewer)

Rattle and Hum


I have decided to run a bit of a higher-end auction with 100% payouts except MFL fees. The league site is HERE. The draft will start in August.

I commish a great $50 Keeper but really enjoy the auction-style drafts as well. The 2006 variety was also an auction re-draft so feel free to check that out.

Scoring is WCOFF with two exceptions:

1. 1/2 Pt per receptions for all except WR and TE which get 1 pt each.

2. .5 Pts to team Def for each successful 3rd down conversion stop.

Have a look and shoot me a PM with questions and a couple lines about yourself. I am hoping to get folks that like to chat it up and have some fun.

Thanks for looking.

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