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CMC + CDavis for Hilton + Cooper (1 Viewer)


12 team ppr. Standard lineups. I give TY Hilton and Amari Cooper and get McCaffrey and Corey Davis  

Current team:

brees / Roethlisberger 

kamara / DHenry / Cohen / Morris / Connor

 MThomas / Hilton / Cooper / Goodwin /K Cole

I'd do it. CMC is a nice upgrade, I don't like losing Hilton but that is what makes the trade fair. I would work the waiver wire for wr's. Maybe try to trade Connor to the Bell owner for a WR or Morris to the McKinnon owner.

Thanks, I'm sensing the same thing. If I want to upgrade my RBs it is going to cost me. But getting a solid RB like CMC as my RB2 seems worth it.


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