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Cobb trade (1 Viewer)

Brandon Will

I’m in a dynasty league and wanted to acquire a GB WR and I think Cobb is who I want for this year.

M Bryant, B Butler, 2020 1st


Cobb and Cam Jordan IDP

i know the 1st is a lot but my pick is dang near 30

Pick 30 in the 1st, that's one huge league but you really aren't giving up much then so sure go for it.

How valuable is your IDP side?  That is a ton to give up for Cobb and Jordan.  In some views I can see Bryant being a straight up trade for Cobb or even needing something more tossed in on the Cobb side to acquire Bryant.  These seems like way too much to me.

Jordan is valuable. I too believe I gave a lot with the 1st, but my 1st is like late 20s. I love Cobb, and believe he will perform VERY well this year. Jordan was the kicker.


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