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College Football Style Dynasty Startup, not your typical league! (1 Viewer)


Come be a part of a fun, college football style league where you can take over your favorite FBS team(even Group of 5 schools). Beating your rivals, winning games and doing well within your conference earns you prestige points which translates into bidding dollars to use for offseason recruiting.

Each offseason, a pool of the incoming rookies, graduating players(from other teams) and all other players who were not taken the previous season will be available to be bid upon and the amount of money you have to spend will be based upon your school prestige(the better your team, the more money you will have). Each conference has its own individual pool of players so a Big 12 team and an SEC team could both own the same player, but two SEC teams could not own the same player.

No IDP/No Superflex

Other league features include:

·         A playoff committee which will determine the rankings that decide the playoffs and bowl games

·         Rivalries which allow for bragging rights and school prestige

·         Awards for highest scoring position groups and highest overall point total

·         Owner scheduling(you schedule three non-conference games)

·         Ability to own two different teams(as long as they are in the same conference)

·         The opportunity to get any rookie you want every season

·         No salaries

·         Only one quarterback

·         No kickers

·         A coaching carousel where you are able to take over vacated schools

·         Playoff selection show and news articles

·         MyFantasyLeague platform and Groupme for chat

70 teams x 50 = $3500

Conference Champion: $100  (x6)

Make Playoffs: $75 (x8)

Advance to Final Four: +$150 (x4)

Advance to Championship: +$300 (x2)

Win National Championship: +$400

Champion receives: $925

Bowl Game Winners

Rose (9 vs 10)          75

Orange(11 vs 12)     75

Sugar(13 vs 14)        70

Fiesta(15 vs 16) 70

Cotton(17 vs 18) 65

Peach(19 vs 20) 65

Outback(21 vs 22) 60

Holiday(23 vs 24) 60

Gator(25 vs 26) 55

Liberty(27 vs 28) 55


Heisman(Highest scoring team): $100

Link to league(still a work in progress): https://www60.myfantasyleague.com/2019/home/30198#0


Email me at Wmthmps1@gmail.com to claim your team!

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