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College RB Tiyon Evans, LAR (1 Viewer)


No coverage from the media outlets for this guy. Started his career at Hutchinson Community College in KS before a stint at Tennessee and then Louisville.

Runs a 4.52 at 225 lbs. for a Speed Score of over 100 (107). Remarkably unreported on, presumably because the scouting reports have him as a bottom of the roster or practice squad guy. The testing is interesting, though, and he might be worth a look towards the later rounds of your draft. Rated highly by Waldman, and with his times and testing, the results of which I'm posting, he's worth a thread given that it's dynasty draft season.

Height: 5' 9.5"
Weight: 225
Forty Time: 4.52
Speed Score: 107
Vertical: 30.5"
Bench (pro day): 20 reps

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Oh, and check which Evans you're drafting. Cody Carpentier of Player Profiler retweeted a guy saying "Are we sure we want Zach Evans? Might have the wrong Evans on the Rams." Heh.
The only rookie draft I've even seen that advanced into round 3 so far someone took him at end of that round, 8 picks after the other Evans was drafted. I was surprised to see him getting drafted that high.
I’m going to try grab both Evans come rookie draft time. Zach late 3rd/4th, Tiyon anywhere in the 4th ? No Brainer as an Akers owner and if you can get both cheap even as someone that doesn’t then you have two good lottery tickets

He’s Carpentiers favourite under the radar RB
I think the Rams outsourced their RB scouting department to Waldman's RSP this year. If they add Kennedy Brooks, I will be convinced of it.

I'm interested in both Evans' given the depth chart and where they'll be going.
Signed as UDFA with the Rams.

So we have Akers, Zach Evans, and Tiyon Evans.

Not a terrible room. Young and questionable, but I like it.
5.02 in my IDP and he’s still sitting there.

I have 3 picks coming up in the 5.12-6.02 range. I might have to make T.Evans one of them.

Z.Evans went 3.12

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