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College RBs (1 Viewer)


Who do you think will be the top rookie RBs for next year's class?

Donald Brown and Shonn Greene are tops in the country in rushing, but who are the others you might target? Beany Wells (if he goes pro)? Javon Ringer? Kendall Hunter? Knowshon Moreno? LeSean McCoy?

Having watched Greene as an Iowa fan, I think he could be very productive even though he lacks the top gear. Kind of reminds me of a Rudi Johnson/Earnest Graham/Deuce McAllister type. Gets tough yards and decent hands (better hands than Rudi although he hasn't been given as many opportunities to show it due to the play-calling).

Who would you compare the others listed to?

I think your top backs in no particular order are still - Wells, Moreno and McCoy, however Brown and Greene are certainly in the mix with Ringer and Spiller. I'm seeing special things come from Donald Brown, should be exciting to see how they finish.


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