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College TE Arik Gilbert, Georgia (1 Viewer)


Pro Football Focus NFL Draft analyst Mike Renner thinks Georgia redshirt sophomore TE Arik Gilbert could be generational.

Gilbert (6'5/249) made major headlines as a freshman at LSU when he was rated as the fifth best overall prospect from the 2020 prep class. A physical freak, Gilbert made an instant impact with the Tigers as a true freshman, catching 35-of-55 passes for 368 yards, 10.5 YPC and two touchdowns in just eight games before leaving the program and transferring to Georgia. He sat out 2020, but already made an impression on the field for the Dawgs by catching two touchdown passes in their 2022 spring game. The tape on Gilbert is exceptional and his athletic traits are close to unmatched. However Gilbert still needs to prove he is the elite level talent he has the potential to be for a full season. He will get that opportunity this year alongside fellow star tight end Brock Bowers for the national champions.


May 4, 2022, 11:45 AM ET



At least during his time at LSU, this guy was a total headcase.  I hope he turns it around because he does indeed have generational talent.


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