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Can't wait to see Mathews get a carry and then trot off the field . . . also can't wait for Richardson's 3 yard gains . . .

Hopefully I will be proven wrong on both counts.

Made a bunch of moves this week, picking up Rivers in 4 leagues. GO SAN DIEGO!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Except for Gates, who I face in two leagues)

Nice play to Wayne

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How are the Colts not intimidated when they look across the line of scrimmage at these powder blue, yellow and pink monsters.

Wtf, Rivers just forcing his first 2 passes to Gates with no reading of the field.
Hopefully he doesn't keep doing that. Gates was doubled covered on the first, and Ronnie Brown was breaking open to the flat on the second

Brown in the game already - TRich obviously still learning the playbook . . . maybe he will get it down before the season is over.

My wife asked what all the pink was for. I told her. Then she suggested that they tape nipples onto the helmets.

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