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Colts defense (1 Viewer)


Will this be changed to a sack?

Houston Texans with less than 4:00 left in the 4th quarter:

2nd and 8 at HOU 45 (Shotgun) C.Keenum right end to HST 42 for -3 yards (P.Angerer).
Per CBS:

Colts | DST

Pat Angerer racks up a dozen tackles

by Larry Hartstein | CBSSports.com
(06:01 pm ET) Colts linebacker Pat Angerer made a game-high 12 tackles, seven solo, in the win over Houston. Angerer had a tackle for loss, a pass defended on a near-interception and a quarterback hit.After his second game with double-digit tackles this season, Angerer is up to 35 stops in six games.
Tackle for a loss on the QB behind the line of scrimage. Doesn't sound like it will be counted as a sack although I'm not sure why.

I think that was a designed run, that the colts sniffed out. Keenum never got into a throwing motion. Keenum ran on that play earlier in the night and looked like that was the plan on this play. Collinsworth said that b/c Mathis was crashing the line on the spread play, indy was leaving themselves open for the QB bootleg. Next play they tried it and Angerer got him behind the line of scrimmage.


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