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Colts Hall of Fame defensive tackle Art Donovan, dead at 89 (1 Viewer)

RIP big man.

One time I was sitting in a restaurant in Baltimore with my wife and a guy came up to me and ask me if I knew anyone from the 59 team, because my license plates said 59 Colts and he noticed it when I pulled into the parking lot. The plates were from Ohio instead of Maryland and I was living in Reston, Va at the time as a contract programmer in the late 90s and no, I didn't know anyone from that team, I'm just a Colts fan who was born in 1959 and they won the Championship in 59, The guy said he had something he wanted to give me, so I went outside with the gentlemen and he went to the trunk of his car, opened it, and puled out some signed photos of Art Donavan and gave them to me. He knew him, but I can't remember to what capacity he knew him, but I was blown away at his generosity. Unfortunately I've misplaced the photos. I hope they turn up. Art Donavan was a true character and one of the funniest people I've ever listened to.

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