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Commissioner screwed up, please help. Opinions (1 Viewer)


12 team, full PPR, redraft, 1 keeper for 1st round pick. Roster limits at QB, RB,  WR

The league voted on a change that we would have 2 FLEX at RB/WR/TE instead of  1 Flex at RB/WR and 1 Flex at WR/TE.
With this rule we would be able to start 4 RBs a week, so I went HEAVY on RB, and I kept Zeke Elliott over Antonio Brown for my 1st round pick at #5. I probably would have kept Antonio.

Now he says he can't switch it to the new flex rules since the software won't allow it.
I'm figuring I might have to move a RB for a WR(if I can)

My team

Roethlisberger, Mahomes

Elliott, M Gordon, McKinnon, R Freeman, J Williams

AJ Green, Fitzgerald, J Gordon, R Anderson, C Ridley

Njoku, Watson, McDonald



Which RB should I shop?
I don't think Williams has as much value and I think Freeman has more long term value thanMcKinnon. So McKinnon would be th eone for me.
Am I right with this or should I just stand pat and see how the first few weeks shape up.

One teams STARTING RBs are Tevin Coleman, T Cohen, Sproles, J White, 
his WRs are OBJ, T Hill, Hurns, D Parker, T Williams and he has Jimmy Graham at TE.

Early on this looks like the team to target. Coincidentally he is my week 1 opponent.



First, I feel your team is stronger if not as strong with Zeke over Brown.

Second, unless it was an intentional blunder, don't go hard on the commissioner. It's really a thankless job that they do so they and 11 friends can have fun.



I am going to guess Gordon pops early and he's an injury risk.  He may be able to get you a 1a type WR like Evans or Hilton.  I think I'd hold and shop early because your team is fine as it is

Tip your commissioner everyone!


Hot Sauce Guy

1. I like your team

2. See if anyone is high on McKinnon....but first wait a week or two to see if his value increases. Once he’s proven healthy, you should be able to get 2nd round value for him. 

Its risky in that he might suck. But at least you’ll still have excellent RB depth.

and that all said, your commish shoulda moved the league to a place that could support the new roster requirements y’all voted on. That’s just weak. 



I'd tell him to switch software and go to a place that will accept your leagues design. But your team will be ok. You can easily make a trade after the season starts.



Well you have other big issues with McKinnon now but you are deal OK at RB so really not a need to panic. I think you just need to pick up a possible WR for McKinnon and go from there. 


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