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Conner/Bell for Dalvin Cook (1 Viewer)


1 pt PPR

Am looking to get out of this Pittsburgh coming mess. Cook seems like a workhorse and I can get Murray as handcuff.


Pittsburgh is not a mess at all.  It is actually really good if you have both Bell and Conner.  Pittsburgh uses one RB.  You will know which one to start each week.  It's not going to be a time share.  This is actually a really good spot to be in.  You have a top 5 potential RB spot locked up and will know exactly who to play what week. 

Now if you think Cook is better than the Pittsburgh RB then go ahead and make the deal but I wouldn't make the deal because of some perceived headache.  There is no headache in Pittsburgh for fantasy owners that have both RB's. 

I agree no headache in Pittsburgh. Short term Cook may be better than Conner but at some point in time this year Bell should easily be the player I would want.


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