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Contest Time! Win Free Hot Sauce for Fantasy Football! (1 Viewer)

Hot Sauce Guy

I haven’t done a K contest yet, and this early in the season I don’t want to inferrupt important kicker news, but I’m doing a FF contest on my company FB page that I thought some of y’all might want to get into.

i know; I know. Some of you don’t facebook. I respect that. If I didn’t have a company page; I wouldn’t either. 

That aside, it’s a DFS style contest. Pick the best 7 players per the format & win free hot sauce. 

Go! (Post entires ONLY to the FB contest page, pinned post) 


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Bump because fantasy football people like fantasy football. And free stuff. And winning free stuff because of fantasy football. 

Read rules, enter lineup. Win at life.  :pickle:


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