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Check this out everyone, this is as fun and easy as it gets and thought I would let everyone know about it before it starts on Monday.

First, its FREE

Basically there are 30 polls (tough ones). 1/day being posted on www.fantasyfootballwarehouse.com starting on Monday 7-15. If you miss a day its not a big deal, you will be able to go back through the older polls and vote.

You are voting for who you think will be the top performer this year and all results will be tracked just like a FF league, where essentially the players you vote for are now on "your team" and will be accumulating points based on standard ppr league scoring (see article link).

Winner gets a $100 Gift Card and the title of 2013 FFW Speed Bumps Champion. The odds of correctly guessing the answer to all 30 polls were literally 15,045,919,506,432,000 to 1 last year.


I have had the pleasure of seeing a few of these polls... THEY ARE BRUTAL.
This is now LIVE! Just choose which player will have the best season. You can do the polls daily or finish them all by the 8/31 deadline. It's fun, free and could net you $100 in cash!

Good luck!

In. PPR scoring...

1. Sjax, Cj2k, Demarco, DWilson

2. Michael Floyd, DeAndre Hopkins (DHop), Ashlon J, Little

3. Luck, RG3, Wilson

4. Tavon, Anquan, Jennings, SSmith

5. Bradshaw, Ivory, Mendy

6. Romo, Ryan, Stafford

7. Ball, MJD, Ridley

8. Le'Veon, Mathews, McFadden

9. Charles, McCoy, Rice, Spiller

10. Torrey, Garcon, James Jones, Wallace

11. Bradford, Cutler, Freeman, Rivers

12.Bernard, Vereen

13. Bennett, Cameron, Cook, Finley

14. DX, Britt, V. Brown, K. Wright

15. Flacco, Locker, Palmer, Schaub, Alex Smith, Tannehill

16. Welker, Amendola, Decker, Jordy

17. Bush, Sproles

18. Eifert, Gresh, D. Allen, Fleener

19. Gore, L. Miller

20. Dobson, Cordarrelle, M. Wheaton, R. Woods

21. J. Stewart, DeAngelo, Pead, DRich, Stacy

22. Cobb, Fitz, Roddy

23. Lynch, Morris, TRich

24. Franklin, Lacy, Bryce Brown, BenJarvus, Hillman, Ingram, Pierce, Woodhead

25. Blackmon, Broyles, Givens, Hartline, S. Hill, R. Randle, S. Rice, E. Sanders, Sanu, Streater

26. Bowe, Colston, Wayne

27. Dez, AJ Green

28. Julio, Marshall

29. Brady, Cam, Kaepernick

30. Brees, Peyton, Rodgers

Observations after seeing where the polls stand:

- I am way more of a frontrunner than I thought. :bag:

- People have crazy amounts of confidence in Andrew Luck.

- People have surprising amounts of confidence in McFadden and Kenny Britt.

- Four times as many people believe more in Palmer than they do in Alex Smith.

- Which helps to explain the Larry Fitzgerald revival in full effect.

- But does not explain the high levels of confidence in Bowe and Charles (remembering that it's ppr).

- People have far less confidence in CJ2K and Stafford than I would have guessed.

- People like Dez more than 2:1 over AJ.

- QB really is a tossup at the top.

- TE really is a tossup in the middle and bottom.

The odds of correctly guessing the answer to all 30 polls were literally 15,045,919,506,432,000 to 1 last year.
Also, I get where the math is coming from, but these aren't really random events, so can't be calculated that way. To give a trivial example, I feel safe in ruling Danario Alexander out in the one poll. ;)


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