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Cordarelle Patterson (Sports Science) (1 Viewer)



Thoughts? Knowing this guy gets off the line this quickly and has such a large catch radius certainly helps me feel better about his prospects.

It's promising to know he has the physical ability to make these catches as opposed to being a player that can only make moves in space.

Makes him seem like more of a complete receiver, imo. Depending where he lands, I might end ranking him over Lacy.

Great with the ball in his hands (big time play maker), but runs poor routes and isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer. I don't expect him to do much his first couple of years in the league. He WILL have trouble learning the playbook.

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More like pseudoscience. They always find a way to make all of their guests sound amazing.

As for Patterson, he's a really tough prospect to gauge. Has all of the size/speed/burst on paper to be a star.

Huge boom-or-bust potential though. A lot of his highlights are just catching the ball in space and making people miss with his start-stop quickness. That's nice, but I don't know how relevant it is to what he'll need to do at the next level. I'm still not sure if he can be a smooth route runner who can get consistent separation and make tough catches in a crowd.


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