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Cowboys hinting they're gone already (1 Viewer)


Greg Ellis, Zach Thomas, and Chris Canty



(Would Ellis prefer to play elsewhere?): I want to play. That’s all I can say about it. I want to play, though. No need to get into if i want to play for [the Cowboys] or not. I do want to play. I still love to play.

(If he's not starting, does he want to leave?): Yeah. I want to be a major part of a football team. I don't know their plans are here. Got one more year left on the deal. I don't know.


(Will Thomas be back next season?): Probably not. I'm a free agent. I wanted to come back to Texas. It's a little out of my comfort zone playing a different position. But when you have Bradie James, there is no switching him out. I don't regret any of it. I just feel like I have to be fair to myself. I'm going to weigh my options.


Do I want to be back? Yes. I want to be back. But it doesn’t seem like they want me back.

Ellis...who cares. Old and he #####es too much. Spencer will be fine.

Zach...classy guy. Best days are behind him and he wasn't the best fit for a 3-4 ILB.

Canty...meh. OK against the run but does not get a very good pass rush.

dallasnews' list

Unrestricted free agents

Players can negotiate with any other team without limitation.

OG Joe Berger: –Had a solid camp but was inactive the final 11 weeks.

QB Brooks Bollinger: Might return with a chance to earn the backup job in '09.

LB Kevin Burnett: Is he a full-time player or not? Another team might offer more.

DE Chris Canty: Played better later in the year than earlier.

DT Tank Johnson Will he get better offers from other teams?

LB Carlos Polk: Solid on special teams, but his return is doubtful.

and then

Restricted free agents

Players can negotiate with another team. Their current team has seven days to match any offer. If the current team refuses to match an offer, draft picks will be given as compensation if player was drafted or tendered with draft-pick designation.

DE Stephen Bowen: Was part of the rotation this year and serviceable backup.

TE Tony Curtis: Saw his playing time decrease with Martellus Bennett's improvement.

WR Sam Hurd: Spent most of the year on injured reserve with ankle injury.

OG Cory Procter: Started 11 games because of Kyle Kosier's foot injury.

Exclusive rights free agents

Players must accept what their current club offers or not play in the NFL.

TE Rodney Hannah: Activated from practice squad, could be a No. 3 tight end in future.

P Sam Paulescu: Mat McBriar's return from a foot injury makes him expendable.

S Keith Davis: Plays with more heart than anyone but has limitations.

WR Miles Austin: Could be in line for the second-round tag with a lot of potential.

LB Zach Thomas: Proved he can stay healthy but would like bigger role.

RB Alonzo Coleman: A Jerry Jones' favorite, but he is well back in depth chart.

They're the Cowboys. Just a bunch of divas. Who cares?
and along those lines, guys were saying they were done before their lockers were even cleaned out. I suppose it'd be more entertaining if every player said they were gone and Wade was at the podium saying "I'm still here" but...this is what fans are left with.

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