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Cowboys vs Seahawks 1pm PST (1 Viewer)

Play calling has reverted right back to week 1.

I’m so sick and tired of either going to goaline or five wide. We telegraph every play.

Im Dak Prescott’s biggest fan but he must get better in the accuracy department. 

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Thank god the Seahawks don’t know Chris Carson is their best player not named Wilson . 

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I'm at a loss. All our TEs besides Rico are REALLY easy to cover. Absolutely no threat.

Even if Rico can't read coverage (& I don't believe that's the case), have him run routes with no options like shallow crosses & seams. If he's not open, don't throw it. This isn't rocket science.

All other TEs no threat on passing downs, Rico = threat. Duh.

Let's not get him on the field until he can block. You've got to be f'ing kidding me. Pull your head out of your ### Clapper. The buck stops with you.

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Chris Carson looking good out there, 12/49 running  and 1/19 receiving, running hard and pushing the pile.

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somebody remind me the next time i decide to bet on the Cowboys to just punch myself in the balls instead. C'mon Cowpokes, do something

God what an idiot. 
I mean it seems this team tests the rules on discipline every single week. Problem is it isn't even a discipline issue, it is just pure stupidity. You have the ref guiding you out and you extend your hand to a guy's face right in front of him. for one, it didn't do a thing to OL from Seattle cause no force or anything on it. and secondly, it puts them in good field goal position and a bigger hole. 

I cant think of one other team in the league that does stuff like this. Half the teams in the league would have someone lay in Gregory immediately after that because it hurts the whole team. Guess it doesn't matter since he likely gets suspended in a week or 2 again, but man, if i was on this Cowboys team i would look to leave asap

Was Garret a cheerleader? I literally have never seen anyone clap so much in my life than that guy

somebody remind me the next time i decide to bet on the Cowboys to just punch myself in the balls instead. C'mon Cowpokes, do something
Never bet on one of the best home teams of the decade, coming home for their home opener being 0-2.  Season on the line for them, I picked them hard this week.  Especially against a poor offense. 

One of the worst OLs in the league having their way with our D. Gross.
yeah, that is a bad sign. I was real surprised last week  that Lawrence didn't absolutely humiliate Flowers, so wondering if it was some smoke and mirrors. Seattle's OL really is a bad line so it doesn't bode well


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