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Crabtree worth a pick up? (1 Viewer)


12 team PPR
Someone dropped Crabtree is he worth a pick up?  Flacco might be out for a few weeks and maybe longer if they are out of contention.

I have to drop a WR to pick him up

I have J Gordon, Golladay, C Davis, Amendola, Kirk


I could see maybe dumping Amendola, but that is it. I'm a lot higher on Kirk than beerbuff is I guess, I think he may be your 3rd best WR.

As a season-long Crabtree owner, I can assure you the frustration is there.

Id add him just to see if the Ravens get their act together, but if they remove Flacco, all bets are off. 

Id still say he has better upside than Amendola though (I prefer Kirk of the two)

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