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Crazy Offseason Predictions (1 Viewer)


With draft positions locked and many fans wanting their teams to improve...Try your best at producing a good potential move. ie Like Red Apple stating that TO, Farve and Sherman to NY.I'm predicting that CPep is done in Minny and NO is looking to make some moves.FIRST Part: Dennis Green is let out of his contract and he ends up in NO where he can bring in his own players.SECOND Part: Minny gives up CPep, 17th overall and their second round pick for 2nd overall and Horn.Minny gets a new franchise QB and keeps Brad Johnson to "ease" him into the NFL game. And Horn is back in form next season.THIRD Part: NO goes out and signs TO.The Saints new trio: Deuce, CPep, TO.

Leinart to the Saints.Saints to LA.Third part - Pete Carroll jumps back to the NFL."LA Saints" - Louisiana to Los Angeles.....


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