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Crazy serious dynasty league opening (1 Viewer)


  • 16 teams spread all over the place (even Canada). I think we've been around for about 20 years.
  • 53-man, d-squad, salary cap w/bonuses, transition and franchise tags, IDP (President Trump on thru CBs and Ss). Players can even demand renegotiation if they outplay their contract. This league is built to mimic the NFL (we had a lawyer set up the rules). This league is a year-round league and demands a year-round commitment. Many owners like the off-season stuff the most anyway.
  • It helps to be familiar with excel (but I originally was not).
  • League fee is $25. $140ish to the winner the rest goes to maintenance (ya it's so crazy we pay guys just to do the gruntwork). We are not doing this for the money.
Two sites …

The first site is the message board

  • http://seriousfootballleague.com/board/index.php
  • Temporary UserID "newowner"
  • Temporary PW "password"
  • This shows all the information updates in threads like “Free for All”
  • All the Free agents bidding is under the “Free agent forum”
  • All the bidding tools are under the “O Matics” (calculates renegotiated contracts & franchise/Transition Tags)
  • 2 vacant teams: Chicago Rebels and F-Town Grinders. You can look under the “Cap sheets” (you can see what a roster looks like) and/or check the MFL site.
The second site is MFL

  • http://www51.myfantasyleague.com/2018/home/32201#0
  • This is where the stats are kept, lineups are set, etc
Take a look and let me know.


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