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Crazy to start Prescott over Rivers? (1 Viewer)


I'm not really thrilled about the match up in Pittsburgh for Rivers, cold weather, away game, Pitt out of a loss, etc....while Prescott plays NO in a dome.

Am I crazy to think about starting Prescott? 6pts all TDs by the way, even passing ones. PPR league, rest is standard.

Not the craziest thing and with Gordo out who knows how the Chargers are going to play but I'd still go with Rivers as I would bet they throw a ton.

Tempting to play Dak since NO should score a ton against DAL, but I would go with Rivers as well.   Dak has a high ceiling in tonight's game but he could bust.  Rivers is almost a lock for 250-300 yds and 2-3 TDs.  The PIT-LAC game should be high scoring as well.

thanks guys for the replies.....I went with Dak anyways....I'm following my guts on this one.....maybe it will be the mistake that kicks me out of the playoffs but sometimes, you gotta go with your gut feeling....

Thanks again.


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