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Cubs-Rockies Wildcard (1 Viewer)

Encyclopedia Brown

Joe loading up on RH bats against Freeland.  Schwarber and Heyward sit, Bryant in left-field, Bote at 3B. Rizzo and Murphy are the only two lefties. 

With no Heyward and stone-handed, statue Murphy, that leaves some defensive holes, so we will see. 

I love playoff baseball, but the umps have been pretty lolwut so far tonight. Not sure how Lester gets those calls in the first yet now they're mysteriously balls.  

And now he leaves the zone for the Rockies. Lolwut.  

Congrats, Rockies. You earned it. Three cities, three different time zones, in three days--that's getting it done.

I get the vibe this might have been Joe's last game as a Cubs manager. 


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