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Culpepper and Zygi talk (1 Viewer)

Maybe when Zygi said "the Vikings hadn't yet talked to other teams" he was referring to actual vikings talking to entire 53-player teams. Technically, he's telling the truth.

And replaced by who?  Aaron Brooks?
Brad JohnsonEdit: Whether we like it or not. I personally do not like Brad Johnson. But I like him better than CPep right now. Bring in someone next year.

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He won't be traded, he'll be cut.
I would think so. But the article above mentioned Culpepper would be willing to move back the date of his roster bonus. If true, the Vikings are in no rush to trade him or release him.
On a more serious note, I'm convinced Daunte will be traded after reading that article. I'm not sure what the heck Daunte means when he said:

"With all the discussion about me being traded or cut has helped me realize that the contract I have ran out of guarantees the day I was injured," Culpepper said. "Therefore each year they pay you to play is a gift. I expect that if there are no changes to my present contract, then I should prepare for a year-by-year commitment. When I am ready to hit the field this year, wherever it may be, I plan on being better than ever and enjoying the ride."

He didn't "run out of guarantees the day he was hurt"... he never had any guarantees to begin with. On year-to-year commitment, "Welcome to the NFL newby." Talk about out of touch with reality.


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