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Cundiff Bucs K (1 Viewer)


IRVING, Texas - The Dallas Cowboys will be in the market for a new kicker, but one thing they won't be doing, at least for a while, is going back to an old kicker.

That's because Billy Cundiff, released by the Cowboys before the final game of the 2005 season, has signed a free-agent deal with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Cowboys do own the rights to Shaun Suisham, who finished out the season with the Cowboys, and also Brett Visintainer, who spent the entire 2005 season rehabbing from back surgery on injured reserve. But chances are the Cowboys will be in the free-agent market for a kicker in a couple of weeks.

Cundiff spent his first three years in the league with the Cowboys (2002-04), but his fourth was initially derailed by a torn groin muscle in his right (kicking) leg suffered at the end of training camp last year. The Cowboys released him through an injury settlement, and then brought him back for the 10th game of the season after souring on Jose Cortez and then Suisham.

Cundiff finished five-for-eight on field goals in six games with the Cowboys, but after missing a 38-yarder against Washington and then having a poorly-kicked 32-yarder against Carolina blocked the next week - he was spared another miss on a roughing the kicker penalty in that game - the Cowboys released him in favor of bringing back the rookie Suisham.

Tampa Bay is looking for a kicker since it is unlikely to re-sign Matt Bryant, who hit 21 of 25 field goals for the Bucs in 2005. Ironically, Bryant likely will be one of the free-agent kickers the Cowboys will consider signing this off-season.


Interesting for the Bucs I suppose. I was under the impression they would be keeping Matt Bryant around for the while...

... and that Cundiff sucked.

Seems like he'll just be cut in training camp. I'd like to see the Bucs go after a real kicker. All the good ones are FAs this year.

I just traded for Bryant in a deep 16 team league because my only kicker's contract ran out. I hope he signs somewhere good.... :unsure:

I just traded for Bryant in a deep 16 team league because my only kicker's contract ran out. I hope he signs somewhere good.... :unsure:
If you consider Dallas good, that's where he's heading.

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