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Cut K. Williams (1 Viewer)

fluffy kittens

I need to cut either Williams or Umenyiora to have someone start along side Freeney this week, due to bye week conflicts. The two I have in mind to pick up are C. Grant and Bryant Young. What do you guys think? Will Grant pick up the pace. Will Young stay on his torrid pace? Anyone else I can cut, besides MWilliams until we know the extent of his energy?This is a keeper league, I will be keeping two IDPs, none will be DL though.DE Freeney, DwightDE Umenyiora, OsiDE Williams, Kevin DEF Carolina Panthers Defense DEF New York Jets DefenseLB Brooks, Derrick LB Bulluck, Keith LB Dansby, Karlos PK Graham, Shayne QB Palmer, Carson RB Duckett, T.J. RB Lewis, Jamal L. RB McGahee, Willis RB Williams, Carnell S Parrish, Tony S Williams, Madieu S Wilson, Adrian S Wilson, Gibril WR Ferguson, Robert WR Johnson, Andre L. WR Johnson, Chad WR Randle El, Antwaan

Drop Umenyiora for Charles Grant. Hang on to Williams.


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