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Cut someone for a kicker (1 Viewer)


Dumped my kicker to pick up Alex Collins, so need to feed someone back. No IR spots free, so cannot wait for a mystery player to be out and free the roster spot that way. Been trying to trade away Sanders + someone for tiny improvements but getting nowhere. Half PPR, roster is:

Lamar, Cousins

Collins, Williams (Chi), Hunt, Sanders, Conner, McKissic

Metcalf, Cooks, Allen, Boyd, AB


Think it comes down to one of Cousins, McKissic, Sanders or Brown, thoughts?



Depending on how many teams in the league it would be easily Cousins or depending on what your kicker scoring is like maybe not even use a kicker.  I have done that in leagues where the kicker scores significantly under other positions and it has worked out well.  


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