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Cutler injured a finger, but is still playing (1 Viewer)

Offense is already a turnover machine with Ramsey on the bench...could get ugly now. Just run the wildcat with Royal at QB.

Before the injury = throwing like John Elway

After the injury = throwing like Jake Plummer

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If I'm not mistaken, which I'm not, did he or did he not resume throwing the ball after this. Your all hysterical about this before anyone even has any real information. Denver might as well throw in the towel right now year since Cutler is already done for the year. I swear I get dumber when I read histerics like this. Lets wait and see if he actually comes back in the game. If not then we have problems

As long as nothing is torn or broken, he should be fine long-term. It's never good to keep playing after hitting your hand on something because it will get swollen. It's always a good idea to ice it right away.

As a Cutler owner who missed the first half, this thread title is very misleading. I was expecting to read about him being carted off the field.

I did not hear anything but you have to believe they x-rayed the finger at half time. I think a broken finger can be ruled out because he started the second half. With Cutler's bye coming up he should be ok. He's not helping me any tonight though.


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