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D.J. Williams in 2009 (1 Viewer)


He had a sick 2007, but most people attributed that to something other than his ability, and he was pretty low on the totem pole going into 2008.

Then 2008 comes along, and prior to his injury, he was right near the top of most tackle leagues and was actually on line to come up with almost identical, if not slightly better, stats than his 2007 season

What does 2009 hold? Their run defense is abysmal, so unless they hit a few homeruns on the defensive line with FA/draft, he should have a boatload of tackle opportunities next season. He's shown that MLB and WLB both fit into his ability and he can produce reasonably well at both positions.

Does Shanny moving on really matter much? What about the progress of Jamie Winborn? Boss Bailey being healthy?

I'm looking at him and wondering if I can't just nab him in a dynasty league on the semi-cheap and end up with a pretty solid LB (tackle heavy league)

Any talented player you get on the cheap is worth the risk.

Williams outlook is dependent on a bunch of factors. He's played a different linebacker position in each of the last three seasons. He'll have had three different defensive coaching staffs in three seasons. There's no guarantee his surrounding cast will be as poor next season. However, unless he gets moved back to SLB, he'll again be an every-down player on a team that's likely to see at least average tackle opportunity.

The incoming defensive coaching staff and scheme is more important than the loss of Shanahan -- unless the new offensive minds find a way to control the clock by running the ball. Winborn and Bailey will have no impact on Williams' value -- unless the incoming coaches see a lineup of WLB Winborn, MLB Williams, SLB Bailey as the best group.

The difficulty with acquiring Williams in a dynasty league at this point is twofold. He's likely either on team owned by someone who held him through all the SLB struggles waiting for his recent numbers or he's owned by someone who knew enough to take a invest in him when Jim Bates moved him to the middle. He's going to be hard to pry away from either of those owners. I doubt many will see him as a potential Cato June.

Broncos will shuffle LB Williams yet again

By Dan Parr

Jan. 31, 2009

One of the repercussions of Denver’s transition to a 3-4 defense is yet another change of positions for D.J. Williams, who has not played at the same spot in back-to-back seasons since 2004-05. Sources say having Williams, who is athletic enough to play inside or outside in a 3-4, gives the Broncos some flexibility in the draft and free agency. If the team decides to use an early pick on a linebacker, it won’t have to stew over whether to take someone who can play inside or outside. Instead, Denver can take the one they deem the best available, regardless of position, and then alter Williams’ position accordingly. The constant changes have made things more challenging for Williams, who recently underwent surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff, but he has played well no matter where he lines up and he doesn’t seem shaken by it.
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