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D-Line help (1 Viewer)


Long time IDP player, but first time having to play with D-lineman. The IDP league I played in for years you started any 5 players regardless of position.

Anyway, read as much as I could back in March/April to prepare (new 53 man Dynasty League drafted in early May.) I just haven't payed much attention to DL. In our League, scoring is fairly basic, a bit tackle friendly… Tackles 2 / Assists 1 / Sacks 4+ ydg / FF 4 / FR 4 / Int 4 / PD 2, we start 3.

I assume footballguys base their DL projections/rankings very highly on the individual matchups. I not big on solely using projections/ranking to determine my starters. Anyways I’m inexperienced with d-lineman and looking for some help the first week, was hoping to get some insight from some of you on who you would start this week and why. Thanks! I apologize in advance if this post belongs somewhere else, but wanted the insight from the IDPers

D-Line listed below:

I felt pretty good about my guys after the draft , and was very pleased to see FBG list Dockett, Odom, Hargrove and Geathers as IDP sleepers.

Kevin Williams (I would say he’s the type you start every week regardless of matchups. Is this right?)

Chike Okefor (Looked good in the couple of preseason games I seen him play. Is he the kind you want to start every week?)

Grant Wistrom (Hoping he can come back to form. I beleive he is a pretty good tackle guy)

Antwan Odom (Looked awesome vs Green Bay, only time I seen him play though)

Will Smith (I was disappointed Howard wasn’t traded prior to the draft. I really like his potential)

Tony Hargrove (Have not seen him play)

Darnell Dockett (I think this kid is going to be great, read a lot of good things about him and he stood out in a game I watched last year vs ATL.)

Robert Geathers (Like them Georgia boys)

I would start Kevin Williams all day any day.Grant Winstrom against Jax this week.Hargrove against 49ers or Geathers against Cleveland this week.Odom/Okefor/Dockett are players I think will shift in and out of your lineup for Hargrove/Geathers depending on match up and what they show as the weeks go on. Will Smith maybe too but for now I think he is still only a 3rd down player.for defensive linemen its helpful to look at opposing offensive lines for ideas about who might have a good match up. DEs are normaly better plays than DTs especialy against pass heavy teams. DTs should be given more consideration when facing a running offense imo.

Williams and Geathers this week. Sorry for the late reply. Just got back on my computer.


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