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Daily Baseball League looking for owners (1 Viewer)


Daily H2H points league, hosted by CBS looking for three owners. This will be our 4th year. It is an 8 keeper/7 minors keeper league. The scoring is fairly basic, nothing fancy. There are rules that place restrictions on the number of pitchers you may have on your roster, as well, there are restrictions on pitchers picked up via waivers or free agency in the current period of play. This is in place to prevent streaming of pitchers. There are 16 teams in the league. Most of the owners have been here from the start. Very competitive league/owners. Looking for dedicated owners. Below are links to the league constitution and the roster grid. Teams shaded in red are not available. Available teams are 22, The Sports Writer & Bonzos Bombers. If interested, contact me at shyatt60@gmail.com



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Only one spot remaining. Team left is "22". Contact me at shyatt60@gmail.com

Possible Keepers for this team:

Anthony Rizzo

Elvis Andrus

Austin Jackson

BJ Upton

Jean Segura

Yu Darvish

Jordan Zimmerman

Aroldis Chapman

Alex Cobb

Gerrit Cole

Mike Zunino

Jorge Soler

Carlos Correa

Zack Wheeler

Byron Buxton

Johnny Cueto

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