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daily games vs. traditional FF (1 Viewer)


I have to admit, I'm starting to see the appeal of the FanDuel contests vs traditional FF. It's probably the future of FF.

just seems like it's harder and harder to manage an FF team through a season with the amount of injuries, bye weeks, games Thursday through Monday.

almost as much of a grind as baseball.

I just started playing on Fanduel this year and IMO it is a completely different experience from traditional leagues.

I enjoy both but I can't ever imagine not being in my two traditional leagues.

Getting together with my freinds and long time league mates for our drafts is always one of my favorite days of the year.

Also I really enjoy in season management...working the WW, nailing pick ups in the free for all period before they hit waivers the next week, building depth to account for injurys its all good fun.

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I just started Fanduel this season and I doubt I will continue with fantasy leagues anymore as long as I'm enjoying it.

Being able to switch players and take which players I would rather root for is huge. I hate my fantasy teams this season and hardly even pay attention to them now.


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