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Daily reports for IDP players. (1 Viewer)


I've been playing on an IDP league in Yahoo! for 6 or so years. They had excellent reports on all players almost daily. And performance reports after the games.

With the new version, the reports stopped... so I was wondering where I can get these reports they were feeding from.

I tried rotoworld, but other than injuries I don't see as many info as Yahoo! provided.


Thanks! Sadly Rotoworld doesn't have that many updates on some defensive players. Sean Lee's last update was August 21. I'm googling all of my players... it's a pain but it's better than nothing.

google kind of sux for something like that -- I'd use the search on some site like topix

put in sean lee nfl, or sean lee cowboys -- something like that, and you'll usually get a list of articles from local papers

another thing you can do is go to rotoworld, sort by team news, then note the most common sources and bookmark local beat writer blogs.

I just have a million saved searches on twitter for any players I'm interested in. Generally if anything interesting is going on with them someone, somewhere tweeted about it.


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