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Dallas Clark INACTIVE per NFL Network (1 Viewer)


Dallas Clark-TE-Colts Sep. 11 - 5:17 pm et Dallas Clark (knee) sat out Colts practice again on Thursday.Coach Tony Dungy said before the workout that "if he’s not able to practice today (Thursday), I would doubt that we’d play him." Look for Anthony Gonzalez to see a boatload of snaps in the slot Sunday at the Vikings.
So with this news do you start Gonzo2 if he was on your bench? If not how far up the rankings do you think he climbs?
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I have Anthony Gonzalez on my bench, and plan on starting him. He had close to 50 yds receiving last week, and with Clark out, will likely expand on that considerably.

Plus, the Vikings' pass D is not great.

Start Gonzalez as a WR3 with confidence.

Due to the hurricane AND Dallas, he will be starting for me as well. I do expect that he will have a nice game. Just holding down my expectations.

Dallas Clark (questionable, knee) is "lobbying to play" in Sunday's game at Minnesota, according to ESPN's Bob Holtzman.It doesn't seem like Holtzman has much to go on here, but he says he'd be "surprised" if Clark was inactive Sunday. For what it's worth, we wouldn't be. Clark barely practiced all week and the Colts' beat writers don't think he'll go. We'll find out for sure in a little while.
Clayton just said that he doesn't see Jeff Saturday out there at all right now, but Dallas Clark is and looks good.

No follow up question though, so :bag:

NFL Network's Adam Schefter reports that Dallas Clark has a slightly torn MCL.Clark still hasn't been ruled out for Sunday's contest against the Vikings, but we can't imagine him playing or being at full speed even if he's active. This is a situation to avoid. The inactives will be up shortly.
Dallas Clark is inactive for Week 2 against the Vikings.Clark has a slightly torn MCL, NFL Network's Adam Schefter reported early Sunday, so he may miss Week 3 as well. Gijon Robinson will start in his place Sunday. Anthony Gonzalez is most likely to benefit with increased time in the slot. Rookie Jacob Tamme (ankle) was ruled out earlier in the week.

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