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Dallas LB situation.....looking at Kyle Wilbur. Cowboy homers! Hel (1 Viewer)


With Sean Lee OUT, and Bruce Carter OUT, What will Dallas do to replace them?

They have a great matchup against the Packers. Ernie Sims replaced Lee and Kyle Wilbur manned the SLB position and led the team in tackles last week when Lee and Carter were hurt, while only playing 44 snaps.

Wilbur is intriguing because he is listed as a DE in my league and seems to almost certainly be heavily in the LB mix this week, probably at SLB. I have heard that Justin Durant is going to start this week at one of the LB spots. So Sims, Durant and Wilbur seem to be the projected starters......I think.

My question is will Wilbur be in the starting lineup for the Cowboys this week at some LB position?

Seems like he'd almost have to be, right? Lot of bodies out for them. Rolling him out at DE for sure in on league where I have injury issues in hopes he logs LB snaps again.

I'm rolling with him too in the DE slot. I think it's a decent risk to take - we don't know what will happen in sub packages but I think even if he played 70% of snaps, that should give him a better tackle floor than many other waiver DEs you might pick up. There's also the chance for a sack, especially with Flynn at QB.

My thoughts exactly. Even with no sub packages, which would be a huge plus, he should outperform waiver wire DL's.

Jene, what are your thoughts?

As far as the other guys go, is Durant or Sims projecting at MLB? Assume the other guy is the Will? Does Durant get work in the subs if he's taking over for Lee?

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I have read speculation that durant will be the mlb, and my own speculation would be durant + sims in nickel, with wilber starting at slb but coming off the field probably 70% of the snaps.

Or does Wilber just shift to DE for some of those snaps you project he misses at LB?

Spencer's on IR, right? Or are they back to using Selvie?

Can't really check stuff out on my phone, but i think wilber's snaps have matched fairly well with the non-nickel totals

I survived the week but definitely not what we wanted here........he is waiver wire fodder for the rest of his NFL life!

haha...I think he's mostly a match up dependent guy, but the big tackle week was probably a fluke.

just watched the 2nd half of that game on rewind and he was def coming off in nickel, with hollowman (mlb) and lawrence (wlb) staying in there.

also, seemed like they blitzed lawrence a fair amount, or had him threaten the blitz.


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