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Dallas @ New Orleans tonight - shoot out? Who scores? (1 Viewer)

Team Smokin'

If it holds true who scores besides Bryant, Graham? I mean this with all sincerity. If there is projected to be perhaps 3 TD's or more for each team and only Bryant & Graham seems to be highly projected who else scores? Is it a spread the wealth concept? For Dallas - Bryant, and perhaps Willams, Witten, Murray. For New Orleans if Brees is going to throw for 300 plus and 2-3 or more scores who is it besides Jimmy Graham? Who else - Colston has been terrible and may not play, Lance Moore or Kenny Stills; perhaps Pierre Thomas has a nice game and Sproles reemerges?

I'm just saying besides Romo and Brees or Bryant and Thomas who else emerges from this potentially high scoring game on the national stage? I'd like a piece of the action just not sure who else is the play?

All those "other guys" are low on the projection sheets. I have followed much of this analysis for over 10 years here and it has been produced outstanding results. Besides the usual suspects wisdom says there are better plays n the WR 2 or RB 2 options than Moore, Stills, Willams, Murray, or Thomas?

Playing sproles and thomas in the hope they get a bunch if those screen passes brees loves to throw. Dallas is weak vs the run

Who knows, If we could figure it out then the Cowboys could figure it out so I'm going to say it will be some one that most people aren't carrying in their starting lineup. Mark Ingram, just to piss fantasy owners off.

Playing sproles and thomas in the hope they get a bunch if those screen passes brees loves to throw. Dallas is weak vs the run
I can see one of these guys, if not both catching TD passes. I'd have to give Pierre the nod over Sproles however. Dallas is weak on D everywhere. Lots of points.

To me, this is the type of game where the secondary guys go off...I can see Stills having a nice game, as all heck is going to break loose and in those situations teams sometimes over compensate for the better players (double teams turn into triple teams).

I think Stills is on the rise. I'd bet he gets one (or 2).

ETA - I just realized I posted the exact same thing as Billy Bats. Sorry, Billy. I'll go up and like your post (whatever that does).

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I think Lance Moore has scored the last 3 times he has played the Cowboys. 10 targets last week. Colston/Graham gimpy - sounds logical for him to have a good game again..


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