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Dat Ngyuen on IR (1 Viewer)


Cowboys | Nguyen contemplating retirementMon, 28 Nov 2005 12:56:36 -0800The Associated Press reports Dallas Cowboys LB Dat Nguyen (neck, knee) is considering retirement after being placed on Injured Reserve, according to Cowboys head coach Bill Parcells. "He doesn't feel like he can play up to his standard now," Parcells said. "I think he's going to consider retirement." Cowboys | Nguyen on IRMon, 28 Nov 2005 12:55:37 -0800The Associated Press reports Dallas Cowboys LB Dat Nguyen (neck/knee) has been placed on Injured Reserve, which ends his 2005 season.

So does this bump up B.James long term value? Does it give Shanle a shot at a full-time gig?

He was too small to make it as a Linebacker anyway ;)Shame really, Dat was one of the guys constantly underrated, but performed well.


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