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Dating Advice - I blew and now acting on emotion. Is there anything I can do now? (1 Viewer)


@Spiderman what are your interests and hobbies? Talk about them in here. What’s something that you’re super interested in? There’s somebody here that’s also into it. Dive into tha to keep your mind off of this.

Who’s your favorite football team? I’ll talk **** about them.
Dallas Cowboys-- GO!
MM is a dope!
Lamb hasn’t shown me he’s ready
Elliott smokes too much weed. (Conditioning)

That’s all I got!


There are almost 8 billion people in the world, and more than half of them have the right set of holes. Although it may seem impossible atm, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to find other women with whom you’re compatible.

Assuming your current mental state is temporary, the only red flag I see in pursuing future relationships is the delay accompanying your first, “serious” girlfriend. @Spiderman , why did it take you 40+ years to experience heartbreak?

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