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David Johnson, Beckham and Kamara need advice please (1 Viewer)


Ok quick background we have 40 player rosters no waiver wire full IDP.  Scoring offensively is non ppr 1 for every 10 yds rush/rec and TD are worth 8 pts.  Defensively it is pretty much 1pt solo 0.5 half tackle 8 pts sack 10 for int.  You can keep 8 players each year.

Team A get David Johnson, Odell Beckham, Danny Trevathan, Jamison Crowder

Team B get Kamara, Brandin Cooks, Darius Leonard, Kenny Stills

Based on the scoring info and those players which side of the deal would you prefer to be on?

I am on Team B and it is not close.  Kamara/Cooks = DJ/OBJ and Leonard is a stud IDP guy that you can build around.  I easily take that side. 


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