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DeAngelo Hall or Da'Norris Searcy (1 Viewer)


Which DB will have the better year the rest of the way?

Searcy has been on a tear lately, but the IDP numbers in Buffalo seem inflated. I like Hall's schedule, especially playing pass-happy Chicago, Denver, SD soon.


I was faced with this same choice last week.. someone dropped D.Hall after a poor performance vs. OAK, and Searcy was available too. I picked up Hall over Searcy.. hope I don't regret it.

I think Searcy will have more tackles, but in my league 'Passes Defensed' are worth 3 pts & 'Interceptions' are 6.5 pts, so I'm hoping for more of those from Hall.

I have them both I'd say more stock in hall with buffalo getting healthy at the safety and corner position. I assume with Byrd back he will be full time with Williams splitting with searcy. It benefited searcy with mckelvin and Gilmore out searcy started safety and Williams went to corner. Now I believe it's a 3 man rotation at the safety spot. Hall has the upside on field more unless something new pops up about searcy getting more reps


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