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[Deep Dynasty] Jo-Lonn Dunbar Looks GOOD (and Blades too) (1 Viewer)

Sigmund Bloom

Staff member
Dunbar was a standout at Boston College, but he went undrafted, partially because he doesn't have great measureables. Starting last week in place of Scott Fujita, he made his presence felt by staying stout and taking on blocks at the point of attack, covering ground much faster than his timed speed, and even staying with Chris Cooley in the red zone and making a play that few LBs could have made. He looked faster than Vilma out there at times. I think he just might stick and picked him up in both of my deep dynasty leagues. From that same game, H.B. Blades also looks like a player, instinctive and playing all out much like Dunbar, and someone to start if he gets spot duty in place of an injured LFB or McIntosh (who has had durability issues throughout his career).


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