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Deep Dynasty Startup-- $100 fee, IDP, PPR, Contracts! (1 Viewer)


Looking for experienced and active dynasty owners to participate in my newest league. I have been commissioning leagues for 20 years. The league fee will be $100 per year, though $25/ team will go to an insurance pool this year. All funds will be held on Leaguesafe.

League Highlights:

- Deep Dynasty League

- Deluxe MFL setup: 24 teams: two conferences w/ 12 teams each

- Separate player pools for each conference.

- Deep rosters - 30 min 90 max

- Deep Lineups- 22 players, 11 offense and 11 defense

- Full IDP (DT, DE, LB, CB and S required)

- Victory Point scoring to help even out the luck factor

- 10 player auction followed by a 35 round draft to fill initial rosters

- Contract years assigned (120 yr cap)

- Annual Restricted and Unrestricted Free Agent auctions

- Annual 7 round rookie only draft

- Unlimited and active trading

League Website: http://www26.myfantasyleague.com/2013/home/22488#0

League Bylaws: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B9EIrL3bRWA4ZDhxanVoQ1luUlk/edit?usp=sharing

I am looking for dedicated fantasy owners to fill this league... Dynasty experience a plus but not required. Fees will be due shortly after the league is filled, please don't apply if you cannot pay the fee by mid-May at the latest. Also prefer very active owners, if that isn't you please don't bother.

Please PM me if this league sounds like a good fit for you.




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