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Deion Branch this week against the Jets... (1 Viewer)

Ministry of Pain

He has been making some noise over the past 3 weeks in PPR...5/56, 4/88/2TD(top5), 5/76

Anyone think he can put up solid numbers this week?

i dont like him with Revis likely on him most of the game.
What is the deal with Jets pass def-- seems like they get thrown on and are middle of the pack, but every so often I see mention of Revis being a shutdown defender.... Is he that good... Does Seattle work around him and move branch around?
FWIW, this is from Sportsline's Sit 'Em this week:

Deion Branch (vs. NYJ): On paper, the matchup appears to favor Branch since the Jets, who are coming to the West Coast, are No. 29 in pass defense with 20 touchdowns allowed. Branch has also played well the past three weeks with 14 catches for 220 yards and two touchdowns against Dallas, New England and St. Louis. But Branch will likely face Darrelle Revis, who should keep Branch from doing much this week. Revis limited Lee Evans to four catches for 22 yards and no touchdowns and should keep Branch from doing much in this matchup.
On top of that, in another thread on Coles & Cotchery today someone posted that it is supposed to snow with 37 mph winds.I have to start either Branch or Cotchery. Leaning towards Cotchery at this time.
I was considering it, but going to go with D Mason instead.

Seattle is missing all five of its starting O-linemen. Locklear moved to LT for Jones last week, but he dislocated a toe last and is out now too. They're starting a kid at LT that has never started a game in the NFL. Just smells like a disaster waiting to happen when you consider that the entire starting O-line is missing.


The afternoon report. I apologize for the lateness of this. I've been dealing with some logistical issues this morning with the snow. I will not be at practice today, but I'll try to cobble something together this afternoon. Dave Boling is in Renton today, so I'll talk to him and get an injury report for something later this afternoon. Thanks for your patience.

With Seattle’s entire starting offensive line from earlier this season on the shelf, green offensive lineman Kyle Williams will get his first test this weekend, starting his first game as a pro at left tackle.

Williams gets an opportunity since Sean Locklear dislocated his left toe against St. Louis and is unlikely to play on Sunday, and starting left tackle Walter Jones is out for the season after having knee surgery.

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