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demaryius thomas done deal !! Texans .... Sutton Time! (1 Viewer)


demaryius thomas closing in on a deal to go to Houston .. Sutton Time!

Keke Value to drop down back to earth 

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Texans acquired WR Demaryius Thomas from the Broncos.

Source: Mike Klis on Twitter

Oct 30 - 1:17 PM

All aboard the Courtland Sutton train!! 

Good Hopkins needed a complimentary wr to keep things honest with him ..Houston can't just have one weapon but Keke value drops back down again .. Keke should be deep threat because Thomas does not pocess Fuller speed 

This kid could be a potential league winner for a lot of teams.   Talent and opportunity with high FF WR2 upside.   

He gets a banged-up Texans secondary (Aaron Colvin and Johnathan Joseph are both injured) in Week 9.   The remaining schedule after the Week 10 Bye is, as the NWO would say is just too SWEEEEEEETT.     .   

11 - @Chargers

12 - Steelers

13 - @Bengals

14 - @Niners

15 - Browns

16 - Raiders 


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