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DEN @ BUF - Live On NFL Network (1 Viewer)

Football Jones

Hearst is supposed to get a lot of action tonight so the Broncos can see what they have. Also looking forward to watching Willis run & if there's any clues to how him & Henry will be used. :)

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Some good talent on display tonight hopefully..Things to watch:Broncos 3rd/4th WR competition - Adrian Madise, Charlie Adams, Darius Watts, Nate JacksonHearst, Bell (is he playing?), Anderson, Griffin - everyone's chasing Griffin right now for the starting jobD.J. Williams - hope he'll get some good PT tonightWeaver/Chamberlain/Putzier - Broncos TE is usually a solid source for pointsRyan Denney / Chris Kelsay - fighting for the starting job opposite Aaron Schobel Bills TE - will they use it more like they keep saying? Mark Campbell could be a decent late, late round sleeper perhapsLee Evans... really like Evans and what he does for this offense, too bad he's a year late after the Josh Reed flop.Whatcha talkin' bout WILLIS? Heck, who doesn't want to see him break one..Kickoff..

How does Bledsoe lookm so far? How are the Bills splitting carries between Henry + McGahee? I'd appreciate any and all info. Thanks!

It would've been a good catch by Moulds, but he could've made that play. In fact, he had his hands on it. That said, the ball was definitely underthrown a little bit.

How does Bledsoe lookm so far? How are the Bills splitting carries between Henry + McGahee? I'd appreciate any and all info. Thanks!
Two series & there's not been a Willis sighting yet. Henry hasn't had much room to run for the most part.
I'm not sure if both of these D's are beasts, or if both offenses suck.
A little bit of both. The Bills have a very stout D, and Denver has improved there as well.But the Bills O needs work, quite a bit of work. And Denver has big questions offensively as well.
To recap...Buffalo:1st drive: Bledsoe was picked off.2nd drive: 3 and out, the last play being a sack where he got BURIED by three guys.Just like old times in Buffalo.Denver:1st drive: Interception off of Lelie's hands.2nd drive: 3 and out.

Griffin looks good, but Plummer is pretty much stinking it up. His receivers haven't helped him, though (especially Chamberlain, who dropped an easy one for what would have been a fairly long gain).

I don't envision Rod Smith being the 4th best WR this year at this pace....Fantasy Football Index is the "Bible" of Fantasy Football Magazines.... my ####!

Bledsoe is beginning to settle down a little bit. Two completions in a row (Moulds & Reed). Denver is pretty much stuffing the running game.Willis makes his first appearance on a 3rd & 9 at the Broncos' 13. Both RBs (Henry & McGahee) were lined up together in the backfield.

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I'm really impressed with both Ds, especially Buffalo's. Imagine if they still had Winfield?
But they signed Troy Vincent to replace him, didn't they?
Yes. You see that as an upgrade???
Not really... but Troy Vincent will bring some much needed veteran leadership.Winfield was a bit undersized also, wasn't he?
He always seemed pretty solid to me in run defense.Big loss any way you cut it.
How is Hearst doing as the starter?? or Is Q in yet?? cmon guys whats going on in this game :lol:
Go to NFL.com and monitor it there....I feel for you, I was stuck in Toronto last week and instead of my beloved Bears(Rams) game, I got stuck with the Argonauts and Alouettes.....
How is Hearst doing as the starter?? or Is Q in yet?? cmon guys whats going on in this game :lol:
Hearst hasn't played yet. Q has 6 carries for 23 yds so far. Oh yeah and Plummer is looking like crap!!
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How is Hearst doing as the starter?? or Is Q in yet?? cmon guys whats going on in this game :lol:
Q started & hasn't came out, but Hearst is supposed to get a lot of action. Griffin is looking pretty good, BTW. Start of the 2nd & Q is still in.
My impression from the first Q:Plummer looked crisp, but quickly fell into frustration as his receivers dropped a LOT of passes again -he threw quite a few passes of his back foot, one resulting in an INT.Darrius Watts has an excellent chance of beating out Lelie, esp. since Lelie still has tremnendous concentration problems - drops, poor routerunning, and failure to adjust on the ball and to what is going on w/the QB.Chamberlain has the inside position on the pass-catching TE role.The Buffalo D looks really good for this year - sleeper D in any league that rewards low yardage or scoring.McG got in for one play in the quarter and didn't touch the ball, Henry looked allright, but not great - then again, the Denver rush D is going to be really good this year - I think these two Ds will be top-10 in most fantasy scoring systems.And the thing you are all waiting for - Quentin Griffin started, and played all the first quarter and looked very good - hit the hole hard, never lost yardage and had some nice runs. It will take a phenomenal push from another back to supplant him before the season starts.Hearst has not been in yet - don't know what NFL Network was talking about as noone locally has reported Hearst to be featured tonight.OK, I'm back to watching the game.

Griffin looks good/Denver O-line is good. I'm curious to see what happens when G-Hearst comes in.I'm still a believer that I (5'8 and slightly overweight) could average 4.5 in that offense.

Hey El1jah,Did you hear Peterson got hurt at the scrimmage tonight. No word on how serious it is. He has a sling on his arm though :cry:

I tried to keep my expectations relatively in check on Q last game being it was only the first preseason game, but now I don't think there is any denying that Q looks REALLY GOOD. And this is coming from someone that drafted Bell in his big money league. :cry:

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Watts looks so impressive. Every bad throw that I have seen come his way, he has caught. He seems to adjust to the ball with ease. Barring injury, Watts will be a top 15 WR in 2005!!!


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