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Dennis Green and free agency (1 Viewer)


The Cardinals again have a high first-round draft pick - 10th overall - on the heels of many horrible failures with such lofty draft positions.

It has a load of cash available to go overpay unrestricted free agents who will take it to come to the desert, because that's the only place they'll get any - and then the danger is that such a player will pack his golf clubs but not his playbook. There have been a few exceptions - most notably defensive end Bertrand Berry, who became a Pro Bowler in 2004 - but not many.

So with roughly $20 million to be available under the new salary cap and only one high-ticket free agent of their own - quarterback Kurt Warner - to attempt to re-sign, the Cardinals embark down a familiar road.

Coming off six wins and five under Green, even he seems to buy into the notion that the team could close its eyes and point and hit upon an area of need.

"I don't think there will be a spot that we don't take an unrestricted free agent," he said.


Anyone think they use half that money to reel in SA? Then they can spend that 10th pick on a Chad Greenway or Kiwanuka


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