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Denny Green fires OL coach (1 Viewer)


Green fires two assistants, Pollard retiresThe Associated PressJan. 2, 2006 01:11 PMTEMPE - Arizona Cardinals coach Dennis Green fired two assistant coaches on Monday and said a third, defensive line coach Deek Pollard, had retired.The contracts of offensive line coach Everett Lindsay and special teams coach Kevin O’Dea were not renewed.Lindsay played for Green at Minnesota and joined the Cardinals’ staff as an offensive line assistant in 2004. He was promoted to offensive line coach when Bob Wylie was fired six games into last season.O’Dea was Arizona special teams coach for two seasons. Earlier, he was an assistant coach for Detroit, Tampa Bay and San Diego.Pollard, 66, had been out of football for five years when he joined Green’s staff.
Denny Green is fiercely loyal to "his" guys. In cases like this, its a problem.
Yup, got him fired in Minnesota and will probably get him fired again. I think there is article on Pro Football Talk that the Cardinals management wants him to fire Richard Soloman and he won't. For those who are unfamiliar with his history, Green was canned in Minnesota because he wouldn't fire Soloman there.He's kinda like Bill Parcells with all of his 'guys' that he brings with him. Except his guys suck.


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